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Refinancing Campaign for Multi-state Mortgage Broker

Our Client A large mortgage broker operating in several western states.
Challenge The client wanted to establish an effective campaign to generate leads for numerous financial products including home refinancing and home equity loans. Rapidly changing mortgage rates and products had to be accommodated.
Solution Response Technologies designed and implemented an innovative, flexible campaign to meet the clients goals. Components included:
  • An attractive 4-color piece that had areas for variable data and personalized messaging to be laser printed at the time of mailing. Using this flexible approach, we were able to reduce print costs by printing a large volume of materials that could then be customized.
  • By analyzing postage and data acquisition costs, we determined that full saturation mailings in selected zip code areas would produce the results desired more economically than selecting a highly targeted database.
  • Over the course of the campaign, multiple pieces were mailed to the targeted database.
The Results This custom designed solution became the only marketing vehicle used by the broker and resulted in leads and closings doubling over a six-month period.


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