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Educating People Living Near Natural Gas Pipelines

Our Client A major national energy company with 40,000 miles of natural gas pipelines.
Challenge DOT regulations enacted in 1995 required the client to inform the public about the hazards and safety precautions to take when living near the pipelines. The client needed to locate the residents living near the 40,000-mile "spider web" of pipelines and educate them in a cost effective manner.
Solution Response Technologies designed and implemented a program to meet client requirements as well as the DOT regulation. The program included:
  • An easy-to-read and understand bilingual brochure providing facts about natural gas hazards and safety.
  • Developing the database of residents living near the pipeline using our geo-mapping and zip code data technologies.
  • Mailing the information to the selected population.
  • Completing and delivering compliance manuals to field locations.
Locating the people living close to the pipelines presented a unique challenge. We used our SmartDataTM process to merge and analyze data from several sources. We used geomapping software to determine pipeline locations. We overlaid postal Zip+4 data and also analyzed rural and carrier routes to identify the population located within one-half mile of the pipelines. Finally, we applied our database of millions of occupant addresses in oil and gas producing states to obtain the actual addresses for the population.
The Results The client met all DOT regulations as well as additional state requirements. We repeat the effort annually to ensure ongoing compliance. Cost effective? We execute the entire program for the price of a postage stamp for each occupant.


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