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SmartDataTM - Improving Your Results
"Improving your printed materials can double your message's response. Identifying the right audience can increase your message's response ten-fold."
-Kevin Timken          
Response Technologies          
The Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time

Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is the key to direct marketing success. Our SmartDataTM process mines and refines data from client, public and private sources to deliver highly targeted prospects for your marketing campaign.

The SmartDataTM process begins with an analysis of the client database. One of our clients recently commented, "You should see the manufacturers database. They have a lot of information on customers who have purchased their equipment. It's good stuff!" Your customer database is gold. Whether you are interested in securing sales, contributions or votes, your existing customer database contains valuable customer demographic and psychographic information. Uncovering the patterns in your customer data, enables us to find more prospects exactly like your existing customers in categories such as these.

Business to Business Business to Consumer
SIC codes
Yellow page headings
Number of employees
Sales Volume
Job Titles
Marital Status
Income level
Homeowner info
Vehicle data
Voter registration

Our ability to deliver highly targeted prospect data boosts your campaign's effectiveness. We tailor your message and offer to appeal to your target audience, avoiding the expense of sending information to the wrong people and helping you achieve results through smarter direct marketing.

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