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Buhrs 1000
Our New Buhr's 1000 Polywrap handles jobs from catalogs to annual reports to flyers.

Poly Products
Why hide your message and graphics? Use poly for instant impact!

POLYWRAP Means Business!
Response Technologies is pleased to introduce our new state-of-the-art, high-volume, Buhr's polywrap machine. Polywrap provides an important new inhouse capability. In the past, we had to refer high volume polywrap jobs toplants in the midwest. This often meant higher costs for you and your clients. Now, Response Technologies can handle your polywrap jobs in our office, saving you time and reducing your costs. Polywrap comes in clear, pre-printed or metallized plastic wrap. Polywrap provides important advantages for your direct mail pieces.

Polywrap Advantages
  • Polywrap provides your high-impact graphics, message and offer with instant visbility that is proven to increase attention and response rates.
  • Polywrap protects your piece fromthe rigors of the mail and postal process.
  • Colored, pre-printed or metallized poly enhances the appeal of your piece.
  • We can insert multiple pieces in the poly package. Recent USPS changes now permit ride-along pieces at much lower postal rates than separate mailings.
  • Polywrap allows us to create custom sized pieces.
  • In many cases, polywrap offers a faster, cheaper, more versatile alternative to envelope mailing.
We generally recommend polywrap when you have high impact graphics, such as color catalogs, periodicals and annual reports, but also wish to insert a flyer or return piece in your mailing. Polywrap technology provides an efficient, cost-effective, durable protective package for your mailing projects.

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