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Achieving Results
Response Technologies is a multi-service Denver company specializing in developing high-tech solutions for marketing, mailing, and information campaigns. We can make your marketing dollars work harder by providing you with an effective, one-stop, targeted marketing service.
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Targeted Direct Mail
In an age of information overload, the effectiveness of your message relies more than ever on reaching the right audience. Through our unique SmartDataTM process, we specialize in identifying and targeting the audience that will bring you the results you need, save you valuable time, and maximize your marketing dollars.

We Handle It All For You...
Achieving your objectives while meeting your budget is our specialty. An effective mail campaign requires knowledge of all aspects of direct mail from design to print to postal regulations to mail production.

Rapid Response
At Response Technologies, we take our customers deadlines seriously. We're dedicated to getting your job done, getting it done right, and getting it done right now. We're proud of the reputation we've earned for our ability to effectively execute complex, time-sensitive jobs for our clients.
Full Service Capability

Campaign Design
Understanding your objectives is the first step in a successful campaign. We work with you from the start to design a campaign to meet your objectives and budget.

Graphic Design and Message
Do you know that your mail piece has less than 5 seconds to create interest? We work with you to define the type of piece, packaging, message, and offer to create results.

Data Management
Do you know that a highly targeted mailing list can increase response rates up to 10-fold?

Do you know that selecting the right paper, piece size, and printing equipment can impact your print costs by up to 50%?

USPS Regulations and Postal Processing
Do you know there are more than 1000 pages of postal regulations and that postage rates on the same letter can vary by more than 20 cents per piece?

Mail Production
Do you know we offer personalized inserting on almost any job? Do you know that we can protect your piece with polywrap while making your expensive, high-impact message instantly visible?

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